To apply for the following documents are required
For legal entities

For legal entities
  1. Business plan of branch organization; (necessarily , job specifications )
  2. Founding documents of the subsidiary organization (necessarily , job specifications )
  3. The decision on the establishment of a subsidiary, in case of its creation or decision on acquisition of a subsidiary, in case of its acquisition (in the absence of information on the website of the depository of financial statements), as well as a copy of a license, in case of a licensed type of activity; (necessarily , job specifications )
  4. Information about managers of a subsidiary (or candidates recommended for appointment or election to the positions of managers); (necessarily , job specifications )
  5. Information about affiliated persons (in case of absence of information on the website of the depository of financial statements) (necessarily , job specifications )
  6. Data about a legal entity through acquisition of a share in an authorized capital or shares of which a bank and (or) a bank holding acquires a subsidiary (necessarily , job specifications )
  7. Other documents on the basis of which it is possible to acquire control or confirming control over a subsidiary with an indication of the reason for the emergence of control (necessarily , job specifications )
  8. Financial statements of the subsidiary for the last completed quarter before the submission of the relevant statement (in case of subsidiary acquisition) (necessarily , job specifications )
  9. Business plan and action plan to improve the quality of doubtful and bad assets (necessarily , job specifications )
  10. Information, based on the analysis of the legislation of the country of a subsidiary's location, on the absence of circumstances suggesting the impossibility of conducting consolidated supervision of the banking conglomerate due to the fact that the legislation of the countries of the location of the participants of the banking conglomerate - non-residents of the Republic of Kazakhstan makes it impossible for them and a banking conglomerate to comply with the requirements stipulated by the legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan (necessarily , job specifications )
  11. Financial statements of acquired subsidiary for the previous reporting period certified by an audit organization (necessarily , job specifications )
  12. Information about managers of an organization in which a service recipient has a significant participation in the capital (or candidates recommended for appointment or election to positions of managers) (necessarily , job specifications )
  13. Application submitted in the form established by the regulatory legal act of an authorized body (necessarily , job specifications )
  14. An application in the form of an electronic document, certified by the EDS of a service recipient (necessarily )(Data form)