To apply for the following documents are required
For legal entities

For legal entities
  1. The materials according to programs of certification which are turning on examination modules and an order of assessment of results of examinations in disciplines "Accounting according to International Financial Reporting Standards", the "Taxes and the taxation" and "Civil law" in the state and Russian languages conforming to the requirements specified in the appendix 3 to the standard of public service "Issue of the certificate on accreditation of the organization for professional certification of accountants" (necessarily , job specifications )
  2. Approved regulations on the organization and conduct of certification for a professional accountant with the indication of:- structure of examination modules containing test questions and case studies;- duration of certification examinations at least three hours;- terms of checking of works of candidates for professional accountants no more than thirty calendar days;- deadlines for issuing certificates not more than fourteen calendar days from the date of receipt of a positive result for the latest certification discipline;- receipt by the candidate of a positive result in the discipline "Accounting in accordance with international financial reporting standards", which will be recognized as valid only for three consecutive years from the date of approval of the result, in the disciplines "Taxes and Taxation" and "Civil Law" – over the next five years from the date of approval of the result;- rights, duties and responsibilities of candidates; (necessarily, job specifications) (necessarily , job specifications )
  3. The approved provision on the examination board, indicating the rights, duties and responsibilities of the chairman of the said commission, its members, independent observers (necessarily , job specifications )
  4. The approved provision on the appeal committee (council) with the indication of its composition, the deadline for the filing of complaints and the procedure for conducting pre-trial consideration of complaints on the results of examinations, setting the time limits for consideration, the form of the complaint and the decision of the commission (council) (necessarily , job specifications )
  5. Electronic form of statement (necessarily , job specifications )(Data form)
  6. The form of information in accordance with Annex 2 to this standard of public service (necessarily )(Data form)