To apply for the following documents are required
For individuals

For individuals
  1. Application in the form of electronic document certified by e-digital signature of service receiver (formed electronically)(Data form)
  2. Electronic copies of the documents demonstrating that the service recipient on obtaining the license was trained and successfully "Actuary" passed the appropriate examinations in the minimum mandatory program of training of actuaries
  3. For individuals-non-residents of Republic of Kazakhstan – electronic copies of the documents confirming the status of the actuary and membership in the International actuarial association
  4. Copies of the documents demonstrating that the applicant passed the international examinations for obtaining the license
  5. Electronic copy of the document confirming the existence of experience of at least one year in the field of actuarial research and (or) actuarial settlements in financial organizations, in the authorized body
  6. Electronic copy of diploma on higher education
  7. Information confirming payment for the provision of public service through the payment gateway of "e-government"(Data form)