To apply for the following documents are required
For legal entities

For legal entities
  1. Electronic copies of the first and last pages of special literature in the field of wildlife reproduction and use protection, methodological materials, manuals and exhibits on the hunting minimum and their list (necessarily , job specifications )
  2. Electronic copy of employment record confirming that the employees of representative offices have experience in hunting management, training of citizens in hunting minimum, improving the qualifications of employees of the gamekeeping service for no less than three years (necessarily )
  3. Electronic copy of employment record confirming that the employees of representative offices have experience in developing methodological literature for the hunting minimum program (necessarily , job specifications )
  4. Electronic copies of documents provided for by a service recipient`s charter on availability of public groups of sport fishermen as well as groups of sport fishing under the association (necessarily )
  5. Electronic copy of website commissioning certificate and a website`s homepage (necessarily , job specifications )
  6. Application in the form according to Appendix 1 to these Rules (mandatory, qualification requirements) (necessarily , job specifications )
  7. The information form for republican associations of public associations of fishermen and fisheries entities, in accordance with Annex 3 to these Rules (mandatory, qualification requirements) (necessarily , job specifications )
  8. In case of repeated accreditation procedure, a report on the work done in accordance with paragraph 3 of Article 33-1 of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Protection, Reproduction and use of wildlife" for the previous period of accreditation is submitted (mandatory, qualification requirements) (necessarily , job specifications )
  9. Electronic copies of documents confirming the presence of: branches and/or representative offices in all regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan; website and other information portals for posting and obtaining information about the activities of the association or individuals and legal entities; in the staff of each branch or representative office of an employee with a professional education and experience of at least three years in the field of protection, reproduction and use of fish resources; public associations of amateur fishermen and sports fishing as part of the association; in all branches and/or representative offices on the right of ownership and/or other legal grounds registered with the association of office premises for conducting working meetings and consultations with fishery entities and members of the association, as well as consideration of appeals from individuals and representatives of legal entities on fisheries issues; string together, numbered and sealed in the log of incoming and outgoing correspondence (necessarily , job specifications )