To apply for the following documents are required

For individuals
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For individuals
  • Copies of the diploma of higher or post-secondary education (necessarily , job specifications )
  • Document proving the experience of navigation (necessarily , job specifications )
  • The statement in a form, according to the appendix 1 to the present standard of public service in electronic form, certified by the digital signature (further - the EDS) service recipient (necessarily , job specifications )(Data form)
  • The electronic copy of the conclusion of medical commission about suitability to work on the vessel (the medical certificate in a form 086/at, the No. 907 approved by the order of the acting as the Minister of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan of November 23, 2010 registered in the Register of regulations at No. 6697) (necessarily , job specifications )
  • Two photos in the size 3,5х4,5 centimeters (are given to the provider on the day of passing the exam) (necessarily , job specifications )

Documents for downloading