To apply for the following documents are required
For legal entities

For legal entities
  1. An application in the form of an electronic document signed by the service recipient's EDS, with a completed information form (necessarily , job specifications )(Data form)
  2. An electronic copy of the certificate of inspection of the service recipient by the territorial subdivision of the service provider, approved by the head of this subdivision, confirming the availability of special and technical means provided for in the curricula, premises for conducting theoretical classes, as well as a sports hall for conducting physical training classes (necessarily , job specifications )
  3. Electronic copies of documents confirming the presence of teachers who have relevant theoretical, practical knowledge and teaching skills in the field of their professional competence, and specialists involved in the training process who have professional experience in the field of security activities (electronic copies of documents confirming their work activity) (necessarily , job specifications )
  4. Electronic copies of training programs and curricula for training and advanced training of employees holding the positions of manager and security guard in a private security organization, approved by the head of the service recipient (necessarily , job specifications )