To apply for the following documents are required
For legal entities

For legal entities
  1. Decision of the supreme body of the bank (bank holding) on ??its voluntary reorganization (necessarily )
  2. Documents describing the proposed conditions, forms, procedure and terms of voluntary reorganization of the bank (bank holding) (necessarily )
  3. Financial forecast of the consequences of voluntary reorganization, including the bank`s (bank holding`s) settlement balance sheet after its voluntary reorganization and / or legal entities formed as a result of voluntary reorganization of the bank (bank holding) (necessarily )
  4. The decision of the general meeting of shareholders of the bank, at which the decision was made to voluntarily reorganize the bank in the form of converting to an Islamic bank (necessarily )
  5. Plan of measures for converting a bank into an Islamic bank (necessarily )
  6. Business plan for the period of converting the bank to an Islamic bank and the subsequent three years after receiving a license to conduct banking and other operations of an Islamic bank (necessarily )
  7. The petition for obtaining permission to carrying out voluntary reorganization of bank (bank holding) in a form according to appendix 1 to Rules in electronic form certified by the digital signature (further - the EDS) the person authorized by shareholders (participants) of service recipient for signing of the petition (necessarily )(Data form)
  8. Electronic copy of the accession agreement signed by the first heads of executive bodies of the reorganized banks (attached in case of authorization for voluntary reorganization in the form of accession) (optional , job specifications )