To apply for the following documents are required
For legal entities

For legal entities
  1. An electronic copy of the certificate of passing the knowledge of the rules of safe handling of weapons (necessarily , job specifications )
  2. Request in the form of electronic document certified by EDS of the service receiver (necessarily , job specifications )(Data form)
  3. Electronic copy of agreement on storage, or lease of a premise of the corresponding requirements of the internal affair bodies (optional , job specifications )
  4. An electronic copy of the medical report on the absence of contraindications to the possession of weapons, in form No. 076/u in accordance with Annex 3 to the order of the Acting Minister of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated October 30, 2020 No.KR DSM-175/2020 "On approval of forms of accounting documentation in the field of healthcare, as well as instructions for completing them" (registered in the Register of State registration of regulatory legal acts No. 21579) (optional , job specifications )
  5. Data form to permission to acquisition, storage, storage and carrying, transportation of civil and office weapon and cartridges to it (necessarily , job specifications )(Data form)
  6. Legal entities engaged in the trade in civilian and service weapons and ammunition shall submit a document on admission to weapons with a certified seal, if available, and with the signature of the head (necessarily , job specifications )
  7. Electronic copy of order of the head of organization on appointment a person responsible for keeping the weapons and its bullets (necessarily , job specifications )
  8. Electronic copy of act on control bullets and shell calibration of purchased hunting smooth-bore gun received in case of primary purchasing of the gun in shop and in case of further reregistration – each 5 year to internal affairs body (necessarily , job specifications )
  9. An electronic copy of the petition of the accredited Republican Federation for a sport related to shooting, in accordance with the statutory tasks in the field of physical culture and sports, for securing weapons (submitted when issuing a permit for the storage of sports smoothbore weapons at the place of residence of athletes-members of the National Team of the Republic of Kazakhstan, having a rank not lower than the candidate master of sports assigned to by one or another sports organization) (optional )
  10. Information confirming payment for the provision of public service through the payment gateway of "e-government" (necessarily )(Data form)