To apply for the following documents are required
For legal entities

For legal entities
  1. Petition (Statement) of the Head of organization in authority of whom the shooting range is, on issue a permission for opening (necessarily , job specifications )(Data form)
  2. Copy of production and technical facilities plan displaying the form of owning including the shemes: territory for open shooting ranges (optional , job specifications )
  3. Electronic copy of reference on checking a knowledge of the Rules of weapon safety, the document confirming a special training of the range instructor (optional , job specifications )
  4. Electronic copy of the final report of «Kazakhstan Sport Shooting Federation» Public Association on correspondence with standards and rules of the International Sport Shooting Federation (in case of opening shooting ranges and stands for training shootings) (optional , job specifications )
  5. An electronic copy for competitions or training sessions in shooting sports (bullet, bench, practical) a copy of the conclusion of the Republican Shooting Sports Federation accredited in accordance with the Rules of Accreditation of Sports Federations approved by Order No. 121 of the Minister of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated November 27, 2014 (registered in the Register of State Registration of Regulatory Legal Acts acts for No. 10095) (necessarily )(Data form)
  6. An electronic copy of the medical report on the absence of contraindications to the possession of weapons, in form No. 076/u in accordance with Annex 3 to the order of the Acting Minister of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated October 30, 2020 No.KR DSM-175/2020 "On approval of forms of accounting documentation in the field of healthcare, as well as instructions for completing them" (registered in the Register of State registration of regulatory legal acts No. 21579) (optional )