To apply for the following documents are required

For legal entities
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For legal entities
  • Charter of a legal entity (foreign carrier) (necessarily , job specifications )
  • Provision on representation, branch of foreign carrier in the Republic of Kazakhstan, or charter of general agent (necessarily , job specifications )
  • Concluded for the relevant fiscal year contract for airport services, agency contracts in the Republic of Kazakhstan (necessarily , job specifications )
  • A power of attorney for the head of a representative office, a branch of a foreign carrier, or for a general agent (necessarily , job specifications )
  • An application in the form of an electronic document, certified by the EDS of a service recipient (necessarily )(Data form)
  • Electronic copy of the aviation safety programme of the civil aircraft operator (necessarily )
  • Electronic copy of letter of guarantee on transfer of information to authorized authorities on issued and/or booked tickets of air passengers flying to/from the Republic of Kazakhstan (necessarily )
  • Electronic copy of the operator's certificate and associated operating specifications (necessarily )
  • Electronic copies of certificates of registration of all aircraft on which flights to the Republic of Kazakhstan are planned. When renting an aircraft with the crew, agreement of the authorized authority in the civil aviation of the State of the operator with the indication of the operator who controls the aircraft's flights (necessarily )
  • Electronic copy of the certificate of airworthiness of all aircraft on which flights to the Republic of Kazakhstan are planned (necessarily )
  • Electronic copy of the insurance policy of civil liability of the foreign carrier to passengers and third parties (necessarily )
  • Electronic copy of the letter confirming the appointment of the foreign carrier for regular flights to the Republic of Kazakhstan (necessarily )

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