To apply for the following documents are required

For legal entities
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For legal entities
  • Statute of the service receiver and deed of incorporation; (necessarily , job specifications )
  • Service receiver information in electronic format contained: 1) main data and service receivers' shareholder; 2) types of planned commercial air transportation / works; 3) flight work organization; 4) air worthiness support system; 5) flights support; 6) readiness of the flight and techical personnel; 7) readiness of technical service objects; 8) readiness of the aircrafts; 9) plan of emergency evacuation demonstration and demonstration flights; 10) list of aircrafts indicating type, model, serial number, national and registration signs; 11) aviation personnel; 12) flights ground support; 13) list of agreements of technical service with external organizations indicating the types of work; (necessarily , job specifications )(Data form)
  • Organizational structure, structure of management and responsible persons indicating position, full name, education, qualification and work experience; (necessarily , job specifications )(Data form)
  • documents confirming assignement of the following heads and/or responsible persons: Flights Safety Service; Flight Service; Air worthiness support service; on ground support; on personnel training; on aviation safety; Flight Attendants Service (if available); on quality control; (necessarily , job specifications )(Data form)
  • Copies of insurance policies of compulsory insurance of legal responsibilities of operator towards his employees in accordance with laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan on compulsory types of insurance ; (necessarily , job specifications )
  • Copies of coloring samples and textual description of aircrafts; (necessarily , job specifications )
  • Air worthiness support agreements with external organizations; (necessarily , job specifications )
  • Copy of declaration signed by the first head of operator on correspondence of activity to the certification requirements, resolutions of Operator’s Guideline and responsibility to support this correspondence permanently; (necessarily , job specifications )
  • Copy of document confirming the payment for provision the state service except for the case of such payment through the payment gate of e-government; (necessarily , job specifications )
  • Title papers of approval and agreement: Flights Operation Manual; Flights safety management guide for operators, operatinf aircrafts with maximum certified flight mass ip to five thousand seven hundred kilogram; operator's guide on technical service regulation; aircrafts technical service programs (regulations); operator's aviation safety programs; (necessarily , job specifications )

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