To apply for the following documents are required

For legal entities

For legal entities
  • Availability at cotton gin plant: at least one cotton collection point; equipment designed for manufacturing operations for the primary processing of raw cotton in the cotton fiber; weighing equipment; ventilation equipment; handling mechanisms; production and
  • Availability on cotton collection point, located outside the ginning plant of open (covered) area for warehousing and storage of raw cotton; weighing equipment; laboratory equipment for sampling and determining the quality of raw cotton; handling mechanisms;
  • Extract from staffing and summary table that includes full name, specialty, professional experience, signed and sealed by the applicant with copies of certificates (notarized in case of non-originals for verification)
  • Electronic copy of document confirming the payment to the license tax budget, except for payment via Portal of e-government getaway server(Data form)
  • Territory of ginning plant, as well as cotton receiving points located outside the ginning plant location must be fenced
  • A copy of the contract of participation in the system of guaranteeing the fulfillment of obligations under cotton receipts (notarized in case of failure of the original for verification)
  • Form of data according to the annex 2 of the standart of public service(Data form)
  • Application in the form of electronic document certified by e-digital signature of service receiver (formed electronically)(Data form)