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For individuals
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For individuals
  • request in the form of electronic document certified by EDS of the service receiver (necessarily , job specifications )(Data form)
  • electronic copy of medical assessment about the absence of counterindications to own the weapons indicated by authorized body in the sphere of health protection, servicemen of the armed forces, other troops and military formations, employees of special state and law-enforcement bodies having special titles for registration the civil weapons (receiving a permission for keeping or keeping and bearing) medical assessment about the absence of counterindications to own the weapons is not required (necessarily , job specifications )
  • An electronic copy of the certificate of passing the knowledge of the rules of safe handling of weapons (necessarily , job specifications )
  • electronic copy of act on control bullets and shell calibration of purchased hunting smooth-bore gun received in case of primary purchasing of the gun in shop and in case of further reregistration – each 5 year to internal affairs body (necessarily )
  • Scan copy of payment order/payment getaway server of e-government (necessarily )(Data form)
  • Data form to permission to acquisition, storage, storage and carrying, transportation of civil and office weapon and cartridges to it (necessarily , job specifications )(Data form)
  • The certificate of the hunter established by the authorized body in the field of protection, reproduction and use of the animal world, in accordance with the form according to annex 1 to Order No. 60, in the case of issuing a hunter's certificate in electronic form is indicated in the form of information, with the exception of weapons acquired by citizens for self-defense without the right to carry (necessarily , job specifications )
  • Electronic copy of the contract for the storage of weapons at centralized storage points, in case of absence of conditions for the storage of weapons at the actual place of residence (optional , job specifications )

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