To apply for the following documents are required

For legal entities
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For legal entities
  • electronic copy of certificate confirming preparation passing for security position issued by specialized training centers on security preparation (advanced training) (for security activity individuals) (optional , job specifications )
  • An electronic copy of the certificate of passing the knowledge of the rules of safe handling of weapons (necessarily , job specifications )
  • information about state tax payment for registration (reregistration) of each unit of the weapon via payment getaway server of e-government, in case of payment via banks of second level hard copy of the receipt has to be attached to the request in the form of electronic copy of the document (necessarily )(Data form)
  • request in the form of electronic document certified by EDS of the service receiver (necessarily )(Data form)
  • Data form to permission to acquisition, storage, storage and carrying, transportation of civil and office weapon and cartridges to it (necessarily , job specifications )(Data form)
  • electronic copy of medical assessment about the absence of counterindications to own the weapons indicated by authorized body in the sphere of health protection to the person responsible for weapons and its bullets keeping (optional , job specifications )
  • Legal entities engaged in the trade in civilian and service weapons and ammunition shall submit a document on admission to weapons with a certified seal, if available, and with the signature of the head (necessarily , job specifications )
  • Orders of the head of the organization on purpose of the person to a position and about individual fixing of the office weapon with the indication of a look, type, model, system, caliber, number (necessarily , job specifications )
  • Electronic copy of the order on the appointment of the person responsible for the storage and safety of weapons and ammunition (necessarily , job specifications )

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