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About the Portal

Dear user of «E-licensing» State data base» informational system!

«E-licensing» State data base» informational system is created with a view to automate licensing processes, consent documents and provision of an effective, boundaryless mechanism of informational interaction between the state bodies – licensor and business-association of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The system is realized within the Program of formation and development of «electronic government» in the Republic of Kazakhstan, and the State program on forced industrial-innovative development of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2010-2014 years.

Portal "e-Licensing» (http://elicense.kz) provides individuals and legal entities (individuals and organizations) the following advantages:

The system of electronic licensing was integrated with the following informational systems:

IS Description
Transfer of licenses / permissions to the interested system
1 Application software of the Custom automated informational system-2) License search by the custom bodies (if registered in regional centers)
2 Informational system of Custom Bodies For license search by the custom bodies (on the posts);
3 Register of Taxpayers and Objects of Taxation For sending payment information (license duties)
4 Single databank For confirmation of data about taxpayer
5 ISSA of the RK For transfer of actual information about licenses issued by licensors of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the physical and legal bodies carrying out an entrepreneurship activity
6 AIMS ESP For transfer of licenses in the IS of electronic state procurement, for participation in tenders
7 IS MP For transfer of actual information of the registered applications and licenses and (or) enclosures to non-residents of RK
Data request
8 United Informational System of Healthcare With subsystems PBCS and QMSMS. SPBCS: in a part of receiving IS SDB EL from PBCS confirmation on presence /absence of medicine in the register of PBCS. from SPBCS in a part of transfer from SDB EL in SPBCS of information about present licenses in IS SDB EL for the medical activity
9 Real Estate Registration State Database Information on real property, rights and encumbrances on them
10 Е-notary Information on traineeship of notaries, for the notary activity license
11 «Torelik» Integrated IS For the transfer of actual information of the issued advocacy license
12 Address register IS For the inspection of real estate object location on the place in accordance with its fixed cadaster number
13 Integrated Tax Information System Information on individual entrepreneurship
14 AIS SR SE For checking an actual information on presence or absence of record of conviction of the physical body, information in a part of arrests, prohibitions, encumbrances of the licenses
15 Legal entities State database Information about legal body
16 Physical bodies State database Information about physical body
17 NC Verifying the Digital Signature
16 DR Verification of the applicant's clinical account (drug, psychological).
17 Payment gate of e-government e-payment and checking of bank payments
18 National Verification Center Checking of electronic-digital signature
19 SECA For the transfer of actual information by issued licenses
20 IS AC of Akimat of Almaty region IS of Akimat of Astana city for the transfer of information by the issued licenses requested by local authorized bodies by BIN.
21 AIS «Service Center» of Administrative Police Committee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Receiving of requested information on motor vehicles.
22 ICS Manager SCS RSE In a part of receiving/transfer of information from/to the IS SDB EL within the acquisition of frequency range, radio frequency (RF channels) for the production or entrepreneurship activity
Public services automatization and monitoring
23 IIS PSC Receiving and transfer of applications and licenses/permissions, exchange of statuses for monitoring
Automatization of departmental duties
24 AIS Export-Import Exchange Control IS of the National Bank, transfer of the licenses for automation of departmental processes
25 IAS Transport Database of TC of MID RK For the transfer of licenses, permission applications for departmental processes automatization
26 «Business Intelligence» With Business Intelligence component of «Electronic services» module of the subsystem «E-government» portal» on the transfer of information on provision of services by means of IS SDB EL through the corners of self-service, located in the branches of «Public service centers» RSE ;/td>
27 UIS Environment Control Transfer of licenses and permissions in the IS Ministry of Energy of RK, for automatization of departmental activity
28 United Automated System of Management in Agricultural Complex of the Ministry of Agriculture of RK Receiving the requested information by issued driving licenses for the right to drive. Automatization of permission procedure of the Ministry of Agriculture of RK
29 IS Foreign Employees of MHSD RK For the transfer of application on permission for automatization of departmental processes.
30 USSM SU ME RK Transfer of the requested information by consent documents in IS Ministry of Energy of RK
31 CICS SSE of the Ministry of IA of RK Transfer of requested information by consent documents in IS Ministry of Internal Affairs of RK

System realization stages:

  • from 2011 status of electronic and paper licenses was equated, and from 2012 legislative requirement on issue of license in electronic form was implemented that provided 100% participation of the state bodies and allowed starting the second turn of a project – development of the system for transfer into electronic format of consent documents.
  • from 2008 to 2010 – conducted measures on implementation in the central state bodies-licensors (Astana city)
  • from 2011 to 2012 – conducted measures on implementation of territorial divisions of the state bodies-licensors and Local authorized bodies.
  • all types of licensing services were automatized and optimized (86 types of activity 435 consent documents), and from the beginning of automatization issued more than 95 thsd. licenses, and 770 thsd. consent documents, by which was reached 100% indicator of issuance in the electronic form;
  • During 2012-2014 years the consent documents were automatized.

  • Main events of this stage:

  • 2012 year – automatization of 81 services by the consent documents (besides licenses);
  • 2013 year – automatization of 214 consent procedures,
  • 2014 year – automatization of 140 consent procedures.
  • from 2012 to 2014 yy. – works on transition of automatization and optimization of 521 consent document (86 and 435 correspondingly);
  • Achievements

  • On May 13 2013 in Geneva the results of International contest WSIS Project Prizes 2013 was announced which was conducted within the World meeting forum on the highest level on the matters of informational society. The system of e-licensing of the Republic of Kazakhstan (www.elicense.kz) became the best project in the category «E-Business». The history of project success was published on the official resource of International Union of Electric Communication.
  • On January 1 of 2014 inclusive of licensing process optimization was launched application submission for all types of the licensing in declarative form – «data form». The given form gives an opportunity to applicants to fill in the information by hand and number of many documents to be attached is reduced.
  • from March 1, 2014 application signing and log in into system of the licensing of the Republic of Kazakhstan (www.elicense.kz) by EDS you can carry out through your personal identification document.
  • from August 10, 2015 according to the Order № 34 dated January 21, 2015 was launched a new function on issue of permissions for the radio frequency spectrums, for operation of the radio electronic facilities and high-frequency devices, and also was added an opportunity to get an electromagnetic capability in electronic form directly through STS RSE.